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Reusable Paper Towels with Zebra Print - 100 Durable Sheets per Roll

Reusable Paper Towels with Zebra Print - 100 Durable Sheets per Roll

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Introducing a NEW kind of paper towel!

Save on Money + Storage Space
1 roll will last longer than 20 regular paper towels. Each sheet could be used up to 50 times!

    Strong, Durable + Reusable
    These don’t dissolve when you wash and rinse them like regular paper towels.

    No Laundry!
    Unlike the other "paperless paper towels" there's no complex maintenance! Just rinse and dry like your favorite kitchen cloth.

    Earth Friendly
    Compostable and non-toxic. Made from a special plant-based materials are safe for the environment. Discard used towels, guilt-free!

    Eye-catching Zebra Design and more designs coming soon!

    Makes a great addition to your home or a perfect gift!

    Zia the Zebra is proud to introduce these one-of-a-kind cleaning sheets that will bring style and sustainability to your home while extending your budget!

    These are more than decorative paper towels! Just My Color makes reusable and absorbent paper towels, without the hassle and ALL the beauty!

    Each roll includes 100 durable sheets that are sturdy and aesthetic to the eye.

    One Zebra roll will last you longer than 20 of the others while taking up less storage space!


    • Our patented Zebra print is vivid and environmentally printed with non-toxic ink that doesn't bleed.


    • Our strong and soft sheets are designed to be used over and over throughout the day as a cleaning cloth. You can wipe, rinse, and repeat to your hearts content! Those who really want to stretch their budget can sanitize it with a bit of bleach, allow it to dry, and use the same cloth the next day!


    • Best of all, there's no laundry!!!! You can simply throw these away, knowing they are 100% plant-based and will decompose with time.


    • Get creative! Fold these for special occasions and experiment with this unique material in your paper crafting. Let your imagination run wild!

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    DETAILS:  Each roll has 100 perforated sheets of reusable black and white paper towels featuring our unique zebra print. Each sheet is 11"x9" and is dense weighing about 1 pound per roll! If you're not yet convinced TRY A SAMPLE SHEET to test the performance (while supplies last). This is not your average paper towel!


    EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE ONLINE. Thank you for supporting our small, family owned business. We can't wait for you to enjoy these new paper towels!

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